Projects Ganesh Himal:

project-humanitarian-nepal1-1“Ganesh Himal Trekking & Tours P. Ltd” is sincerely contributing several solidarity projects of empowerment, education and trainings in Nepal. We need to continue these humanitarian supports with further promotion. At the same time our team also wishes different sorts of supports from people who could give hands to that extent which is possible for you with true sense of solidarity.

There are some sincere reasons for our decision to develop these projects. On the one hand Nepalese mountain regions are very isolated, geographically less accessible, also challenging for infrastructures. On the other hand people are very potential, hard working, honest. However these people don’t get proper support and projects to enhance their lives.

Our major focuses are thus women empowerment, child education and other vocational trainings. At the same time we are creating situations that the people of the Himalayas and mountain region will develop their potential in sports; particularly martial arts, football. We wish that they will be recognized in the world when they could show their full capability.

One of the major reasons that made us realize something serious to involve in these projects is the women trafficking. From several decades this is a well-known fact that very simple, uneducated or least educated, physically well developed and submissive young women are trafficked by the smugglers and their agents by marrying them or by other techniques. They are sold in different cities in India and other countries for physical pleasure and inhuman exploitations. Few organizations are trying to rescue them after their enormous suffering, also rehabilitation. From government level the security force in border side is aware to stop such trafficking. Yet the smugglers find new ideas and techniques.

Nevertheless people’ lives are not enhanced; they can’t find expression of what they are capable of. So it is significant to support them as we realized our responsibility. The steps needed basically are to spread enormous awareness in people’s level; empower them by education, trainings, sports and other exposures.

We request all of you who can contribute in our projects as part of you solidarity by supporting us. It is possible to provide good ideas, guidelines, physical materials such as different sport goods as well as other possible aids. You can volunteer here and contribute your skills, knowledge; or train people if you are competent to the related area. We ensure that your supports will be delivered to the people who truly need them and also show the better results.