Who we are ?

About the Company

“Ganesh Himal Trekking & Tours P.Ltd.” is run by an experienced and expert team since 1980. We serve travelers by creating and organizing excellent travel programs maintaining quality tourism. We focus on Comfortable, Luxurious, Cultural or Adventurous trips. Similarly our concern is to work for humanitarian supports and actions: solidarity projects to empower people, health, education and supports in the remote mountain areas of Nepal.

Historical Steps & Contribution on Tourism:

The Agency was officially created in 1983 by G. P. Rimal and team. It was established as a pioneer trekking agency because of its contributions. Our great efforts opened several newer historical dimensions in tourism industry of Nepal. There was and is still no any agency that served as many tourists as we did in order to organize trekking and many other circuits as well as activities . Several hundreds of smaller agencies, other structures are now in tourism trained by and learned from us.

Historically Nepal was for the first time opened for tourists and foreigners in 1950s. Several expeditions on the Himalayan peaks were succeeded such as Annapurna I in 1950, Mt. Everest in 1953 etc. Nepal became well known to the world for greatest alpinist destination. These expeditions opened up the path for trekking in these fascinating Himalayan Mountains. People from all over the world dreamed to see the exceptional Himalayan landscape, the lifestyle of the people and most exotic cultures in the world.

This was a historical time when people, other than Sherpas, could not officially own a trekking company. The government law was made such discriminatory for other people. We thus created this agency “Ganesh Himal Trekking” in the name of the sacred Mountain called Ganesh Himal that is in the central region of Nepal Himalaya. From 1981 we started to serve in behalf of tourists and tourism of the country despite government law. We fought against monopoly of one particular race of people with the prior reason that every one who is competent and willing to serve this industry has to be given right to work. It took us 2 more years to update the law and made available for every citizen of the country. That is how we created a newer dimension for local people, for also the tourists who wanted better hospitality, services as well as quality tourism.