Cave Tours

There are many caves in Nepal. There may be 100s of caves in Nepal. Some caves of Nepal are still unknown or not found. They are lost caves of Nepal. The government is exploring new caves and bring those out to public.

Name of Caves of Nepal 
1 Mahendra cave Nepal                           Kaski
2 Chamero cave Nepal                              Kaski
3 Bagdwara cave Nepal                             Kavreplanchauk
4 Mahadev Parwati cave                           Morang
5 Sidda cave Nepal                                     Tanahun
6 Byas Basista cave Nepal                         Devghat
7 Birendra cave Nepal                                Parwat
8 Gupteswor cave Nepal                            Kaski
9 Gaukhuri cave Nepal                              Terhathum
10 Halesi cave Nepal                                   Khotang
11 Shital cave Nepal                                    Kaski
12 Jyamire cave Nepal                                Surkhet
13 Shivaji cave Nepal                                  Dang
14 Siddakali cave Nepal                              Vojpur
15 Saptakanya cave Nepal                          Morang
16 Bedbyas cave Nepal                                Damauli
17 Chobhar caves Nepal                              Kathmandu
18 Maratika caves Nepal                             Kotang
19 Mustang Caves Nepal                              Mustang

Nepal’s biggest cavern – the Siddha Gupha. This cave dedicated to Lord Shiva. The views from inside are amazing, but be warned, caving is not for the faint at heart or those who are afraid of heights .

Siddha Cave
Making for a popular half-day trip, at 437m deep and 50m high, Siddha Gufa is said to be the largest cave in Nepal. Its cathedral-like chasm is full of twisted stalactites and stalagmites and hundreds of bats chirp and whistle overhead. Guides (Rs 400) are compulsory and await you at the cave’s entrance. Flashlights are also available for hire. Getting here is definitely a trek, taking 1½ hours one way (consider hiring a guide from Bandipur's Tourist Information Centre). Follow the signs starting from the north end of the village, taking you along a dirt path running north over the edge of the ridge, turning right at the obvious junction. The stone path is slippery so mind your step. From here it’s a 25-minute walk downhill to Bimalnagar for buses to Pokhara or Kathmandu.
Duration: 5-7 Days
Difficulty Level:
Max Altitude:
Group: 12
Options Price From: Min Pax