Short Hiking

One Day – Shivapuri National Park Spiritual Hiking
Shivapuri Hill is named after Shiva meditation. This place is very energetic and solace divine place where mainly saints have stayed and practiced meditation. It is located in very high hill of northern part of Kathmandu and situated in the thick forest. It is a National Park. We can see enchanting panoramic views of Himalayas and Jungle where beautiful place of animal is found. You will not be able to know many things about yourself if you do not meet people. People have helped you to understand yourself; and helped you to realize that within. God would have made innumerable; you have to accept that the divine is more intelligent than you cause of mysterious in entire. While you walk into the jungle only vegetate just watching, is the jungle. But here in this world, thorns will prick you the moment if you walk close by them. If you walk consciously on these thorns arising awareness without missing single breath and they are not able to prick you, Wisdom will be born when you become mature and natural. It born out of conflict, it is born by accepting the challenges of life - by getting defeated, by falling down and by rising again. That very day the thorn in you will become a flower and you will be a changed person. The peace which you will experience that day cannot be given to you by any jungle, and the peace of a jungle will alive.
Duration: 01
Difficulty Level:
Max Altitude:
Group: 1 - 12
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